Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A fun way to practice singing a song is to sing it in a variety of different ways. One way to do this is to incorporate the use of the different music terms in singing.

For example, after teaching the meaning of "staccato" and "legato" let the children practice singing the song "staccato", then "legato".

You may also try using the Music Meter that is found in "The Big Book of Super Singing Time Helpers" (www.creativeconnectionz.com). I have used this meter often and the children have loved it. I even let different children come up and help do the meter.

Explain "forte" and "piano" and sing the song accordingly, "andante" and "allegro" and sing accordingly. You may also want to add an explanation on what a "fermata" is and inspire them to listen to a song that has a fermata in it and see if they can find it by listening.

This not only makes practicing a song(s) more enjoyable, but it will also help increase the children's appreciation and understanding of music by teaching them about the different ways music is expressed. (See definitions of music terms and the MUSIC SIGNS found in "The Big Book of Super Singing Time Helpers" found at www.creativeconnectionz.com )

Use a fishing pole (or make a simple one by taking a dowel, tying a string to the end of the dowel, then gluing or tying a magnet to the end of the string) and have selected children come up and help you "fish". Cut out the desired number of fish out of colored paper or cardstock and label them. Attach a metal paperclip to each fish (so the magnet on the end of the fishing line can hook onto the fish). Spread the fish on the floor and let the children fish for.....

  • the song you will be singing next or

  • how- the type of activity or style you will be singing the practice song in (ie standing, marching, staccato, legato, clapping, etc.) or

  • who the next helper will be (a different child's name is written on each fish)- they might get to help lead the song, answer questions, participate in holding up visual aides etc. or

  • whatever other purpose you come up with !


Nancy said...

I'm from Franklin, TN. Love your art work!!! Thanks for this terrific blog.

Lisa Warnes said...

Thank you Nancy,
you inspire me to do a better job!